Wednesday, April 16, 2003

Well haven't writen in like a long time! Not much hasn happened. It's April 16th you didn't know! well it was wellness day today, i thought the guitar one was reall;y cool but it was sooooo dumb
. we didn't even get to touch a guitar! we just sat and listened to them play. They all looked so unhappy and bored. Not very good stage presence. Sal Idol was today too. Ashley isn;t that good. Really, i should have done it. well bye

Friday, March 14, 2003

Wow long time no write! So Ya Bayley and I had our first fight today as bfs. It was \really stupid, we were writing anote so neither of us could figure out eachothers tone, so Bayls thought i was yelling and I thought she was yelling and we all mad.! Buthten we had a good laugh aboutit later! HAHAHAHA Funny.! I'm supposed to go out to dinner w/ her tonite but my moms says no! DAMN! So I have togo to TKD and then I think I might be ale to take my lil bro to see FD2. WHOO HOO! Well anyway, gotta go, Bye

Monday, March 03, 2003

wow holy I haven't written in like since feb 19th!!
WOW! so ya Bayls and Chris! WHOO HOOO!!!!!!! Just came back from DQ with Andy, Eric and Dave. What fun! Dave was like intising me and I was like let's go Dave I've got 5 mins.HAHA he looked hurt!
Hee hee! well i know i've said this b4 but Ian is GONE!! GONE GONE GONE!! He's so GONE yu can't even see him anymore! HAHA Justin liked Bayls and was acting wierd at my party!
OH YA my party. Had sooo much fun! Some down moments hey Bayls but what goes down must come up!!!!*wink wink*
Wel more tomorrow


Wednesday, February 19, 2003

hello wow i haven't written in like two days. Well Matt is supposedly spreading rumours about me but he denies it. Bailey and my lil bro kinda yelled at him today, i wonder what he's gonna be like on Friday. Well nothing can be worse than how totally womanish he has been acting lately. Any way i can't bother myself with people like that. But if he is telling the truth why did some unknown girl come up to me and tell me that a guy named Matt is spreading rumours about me? The ODD thing is that I have never seen the girl around since. Weird eh!!! But Whatever!! My BIO teacher allowed me to go to the caf to study today because I finished the test so quick. Ian Dave and Gringo were there and we laughed a lot. Dave makes everything I say into an innuendo. But then some guy sitting with us noticed that Dave had some white goo on his shoes and Dave was like "It's not jizz, Rob squirted his butter on me"! we laughed for like a year!!*not really but you get it* Well that's my report of the day, I think I might clean the house but the cleaners are coming tomorrow, my mom and bro are at United Cycle , I wasn't allowed to go for some reason. Wonder Why???? Ah well ! bye

Monday, February 17, 2003

Hello again, my bro just left for to go back to lethbridge, my mom is crying, as usual! Today i hae to do my laundry or i'll have to go to school naked.!! ha ha just joking! I'm today vowing to never like a guy agian, it only causes problems. People just don't realize that you can like a guy and not want to go out with him at the same time. Guys don't see that whena girl likes them they don't have to act all distant, things can stay the same it'sd not like were gonna stalk you like Jessica or anything. HAHA JESSICA*. Well now that i've got that of my chest I am also gonna live my life to the fullest. Have fun everyday, no matter how stupid i look. Always be myself, those you don't like me, their loss.
i SOUND LIKE a teenage brochure for self confidence or something but i've put it writng and i am electing you guys to make sure i am never negative and never talk badly about somebody.This weekend has opened my eyes to who i ahve been. I have been a very bad friend and a very bad person. I am sorry to those i have hurt , i will make it up to you. let me know how i can.

Sunday, February 16, 2003

LONG WEEKENDS are really wierd! Matt asked me out and I said yes but really only because i felt bad. (I am so weak) But at like 9 or something, Bailey and I called him and I told him that I don't have time, but also I don't feel the same way! I'm really sorry Matt if you're reading this but I'm REALLY flattered. REALLY!! I'm sure you'll find someone better then me who isn't so busy.
Any way... my hockey game got cancelled and I am sad. We were gonna win. I was told we didn't have enough players....ya right, I betcha *one million dollars* that the people that called in to say that they weren't coming just didn't want to drive to boyle. WOW WHAT TEAM PLAYERS!!!!:I (i'm not happy). Now we might have to forfeit the game and our perfect season will be lost! DAMN PEOPLE. I kinda want to know who it is!
West ED was fun! James, you drive entirely TOO FAST!! But anyway, My Cadillac is still Better then your SUNBIRD!!! HA HA. You guys should see my monkey in a tree. IT's really cute! anyway that's about all, tune in tomorrow for the next entry in the daily rift

Saturday, February 15, 2003

Hello I have a webpage!!!!! West Ed was great!! PLaydium ya. Bailey is going to bring Brent and I think I'll ask Dave because the whole,Ian thing is over. Yes that's right Ian if your reading this, it's over, it's been over for a while. Rob called you without me knowing!! bye